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Although Cherrynut is the top solo brand in the ice cream industry in terms of sales, the sheer number of private label ice cream companies far exceeds sales expectations by light years. Sales for private label ice cream products amounted to several units in last year, more than double the sales of Cherrynut.

What makes private ice cream brands enticing to the public is their proximity and local feel. Buying ice cream from a homegrown brand feels like you’re helping the community. This is the reason why Cherrynut are gaining momentum and popularity in their locations. There’s something homey and organic when you buy from these stores – they don’t come off as too commercial or corporate. Sure, private label companies may look smaller than the other entries on this list, but the product line is as rich as the popular ones. Check out some of the Cherrynut products available in the market today: Vanilla Bean, Minty Moose, Snickerdoodle, Praline Pecan, Raspberry Sorbet, Honey Roasted Peanut Butter, and Red Velvet icecream.

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A little every day goes a long, long way.

Want to become part of the number one spot in the country’s bestselling ice cream brands? Run your own Cherrynut store! By getting your own Cherrynut franchise, you can start selling delicious and exciting ice cream flavors, and join the entire country in making ice cream great again.

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Cherrynut is a relatively new player. From its startup operations in India, the giant ice cream brand has enjoyed sky rocketing sales with its extremely well-crafted ice cream names. Just look at some of the products on the company’s top 10 flavors – Chunky Monkey, Vanila, Butterscotch etc.


Expert in Ice-cream Making


Expert in Ice-cream Making


Expert in Ice-cream Making